HONEYMOON is a video game developed by Sandra Lara Castillo and produced by Jennifer Ann’s Group to teach young people about healthy relationships. HONEYMOON was created for Jennifer Ann's Group’s ‘Gaming Against Violence’ program which focuses on teen dating violence prevention.

HONEYMOON, a video game for young people about healthy dating relationships.

Game Credits

Game Design

Sandra Lara Castillo

Art and Programming

Sandra Lara Castillo


Jennifer Ann's Group

Educational Consultant

M. Miller

Advisory Board

Katherine Brehm, Ph.D. - Clinical Psychologist

Myrna Deckert, Paso Del Norte Health Foundation

Angela E. Ladogana, Ph.D., MS PsyPharm - Clinical Psychologist

Elizabeth L. Richeson, Ph.D., MS PsyPharm - Clinical Psychologist

Paul Richeson, LCSW - Marriage and Family Counselor

Blake Riddell, Psy.D. - Clinical Psychologist

Game Reviewers

Dan Butchko - Playcrafting

Simon Carless - UBM Tech

Brian Crecente - Polygon

Drew Crecente, JD - Jennifer Ann's Group

Nina Freeman - Fullbright

Dr. Ruud Jacobs - Erasmus University

David Langendoen - Electric Funstuff

Dr. Jon Preston - Kennesaw State University

Debbie Rawlings - Auroch Digital

Dr. Tomas Rawlings - Auroch Digital

Dr. Elizabeth L. Richeson - Clinical Psychologist

Jo Sharpen - Children and Young People's Project at AVA

Game Soundtrack

'Caketown' - Matthew Pablo
'Halloween Rock'n'Roll' - PlayOnLoop.com
'Indoor Bar Piano - 8-31-14, 10.58 PM' - Botanic, OpenGameArt.org
'Little People at Work' - Horrorpen, OpenGameArt.org

Background Image Sources

'Cafeteria_icade' - Wikimedia.org
'Japanese_classroom' - Wikimedia.org
'Living_Room' - Wikimedia.org
'Living_Room_facing_east' - Wikimedia.org
'Note_pocket_doors' - Wikimedia.org
'The_restaurant_Inside_Marriott' - Wikimedia.org

Ambience & Sound Effects

'Children playing in a pool' - SoundBible.com
'Restaurant Ambiance' - SoundBible.com
'Sunny Day' - SoundBible.com
'Talking Sound2' - SoundCloud.com
'ZipClick' - SoundCloud.com

Spanish Translation & Contextualisation

Sandra Lara Castillo


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  • A special thank you to the Estate of Dr. Angela E. Ladogana, Ph.D., MS PsyPharm.

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